Faculty & Staff

Martha Blackburn, Head of Preschool

Martha Blackburn has been Head of Preschool at Blue House Preschool since January of 2021. However, she is no stranger to the land. Having origins as the Head of the Preschool Art Program, Assistant Director, and eventually, Director of Elsass Academy Westlake, Martha has spent over 20 years in leadership, educating, and loving children right here on the now Blue House Preschool campus. She brings a commitment to the highest standards in early childhood education and a vision that supports innovative ideas and practices.


Jessica Baez

Toddler Fellow

Barbara Connor

Preschool Teacher

Adriana Gracia

Preschool Teacher

Kim McDermid

Toddler Teacher

Maryangel Montiel

Preschool Teacher

Leslie Moreno

Toddler Teacher

Shermeen Rafiq

Preschool Teacher

Maygan Sinner

Preschool P.E. Teacher

Carolyn Walter

Preschool Teacher

Kathleen Weager

Enrichment Educator

Kimmie Zemo

Preschool Teacher


Martha Blackburn

Head of Preschool

Kristin Adickes

Assistant to Head of Preschool

posed portrait of brendan thornton cora at Blue house preschool
Brendan Thornton-Cora


Autume Young

Assistant to Head of Preschool


Polly Williams

Director of Admission

Bethani Emery

Associate Director of Admission & Enrollment

Eleanor Mitchell

Admission Assistant

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